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Hey all! You can call me Cloud. Go ahead and hit me up with messages or what have you. I love meeting people and whatnot.

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[Generic I-Just-Got-Home-From-Con Post]

Hey guys! Home from Acen, and wow I had an absolute blast. Inkypop and I were in Kingdom Hearts for most of the time, and on Saturday I was with the rest of TBiO for the Attack on Titan photoshoot as Marco!

Seriously, everyone was incredibly kind and so fun at con, and I can’t thank everyone enough for your support! If I saw you at all, please drop me an ask or something because I would love to talk to you! I met so many amazing people, but naturally there’s never enough time at con for me to talk to everyone as much as I would like to ;~; I hope you all had a great con, too! ;u;